Honors Math Analysis and Trigonometry

Welcome to Honors Math Analysis and Trigonometry.  I use Google classroom to keep the students up to date with the assignments and information about the class.  Guardians can be invited to receive the information if you send a request email to drichner@warrensburgr6.org from your preferred email account.  The information includes copies of the notes from the class, attached YouTube videos of instruction from that topic, announcements, and homework and should come via emails.

Dual Credit is an option for students that meet the basic requirements from UCMO.  The students must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, an ACT Math score of 22 or higher (we can administer a test called Accuplacer at the school if the ACT score has not been met).  The student needs to apply to the University of Central Missouri. The application needs to be as a High School Dual Credit Student to create a 700 number, otherwise an application fee will be assessed. The 700 number is used on the enrollment form handed out in class.  If the student already has a 700 number, they do not need to complete this step.  The enrollment form is due to the counselors office by September 1.  Please include all classes for the fall semester on one form.

The fall class for dual credit is MATH 1111 College Algebra for 3 credit hours.  Students will pay $85 per credit hour or $255 for the class.  The university will send a letter home when the enrollment process is finished and then the online payments can be made.

The spring class for dual credit is MATH 1112 College Trigonometry for 2 credit hours.  Spring enrollments will be due January 12 to the counselors office.