LMC Info

The high school library media programs are integral in preparing teachers and students to effectively retrieve and use a variety of information and technology. The library media staff strives to creating lifelong readers and users of information. 

The library media center provides patrons with:
* a variety of reading materials covering all genres
* a persity of informational resources including technology
* skills and/or training to access, process, and apply information to solve problems, develop research skills, and make decisions
* state reading programs and/or other reading programs to promote, or encourage, the act of reading

Develop information finding, analyzing, and problem-solving skills to support classroom investigations, encouraging users to become skilled users of information and creators of ideas.

Cultivate appreciation for a variety of experiences to nurture a lifelong love of reading for pleasure, including both traditional print materials and electronic resources.

Establish and coordinate efficient systems to enhance the use of resources, materials, and equipment found in the library media center.

Provide leadership, instruction and consulting assistance in the use of technology and other library media center resources.

Two computer labs are available for classroom use as well as one set of iPads.
There are also sixteen library research computers.


Students must be respectful of the persons and property of others while researching in the LMC. 

In order to minimize possible errors in records, an ID card is the best method for checking out materials. No one may check out materials on another person's barcode number.

Books from the general collection may be checked out for four weeks with privilege of renewal two times as long as there is no waiting list for the book.  Reference books and magazines may be checked out overnight, with the understanding that the materials are due before school begins the following morning.


Overdue 4-week books are charged 5 cents per school day late; however, if the book is returned within the grace period (one school day after the due date) no charge will be made.

Overnight books and materials which are not returned the following morning will be charged 25 cents for each day late.

Delinquent books (not returned within two months) will be billed for the amount of the book plus any fines accrued.  It is better for the borrower to report a book lost rather than to accumulate overdue fines.  If the book is later found, the price of the book will be refunded.

If a magazine is lost, the borrower must replace it or pay a replacement handling charge equal to the cost of the magazine plus $2.  If the shipping bag is lost, the charge is $1.

Students who have an overdue fine and/or books may not check out additional materials until the materials are returned and the fines are paid.  However, these students may continue to use materials within the confines of the Library Media Center.

Additional information can be found under School Board Policy 6310 - Library Media and Technology Services