The District's Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives.

 Mission Statement

"The Warrensburg R-VI School District will educate and empower

all students to be confident and successful

through engaged learning in a safe community."


Believe, Achieve, Excel


Our vision for the Warrensburg R-VI School District is to be a model

for student success in the global community.




We are most effective when we build caring, positive relationships with students.

We are committed to provide effective resources to insure student success.

We are committed to effectively prepare students for college or career pursuits.

It is the school community’s responsibility to recruit, retain, and support a perse group of highly-qualified employees.

We believe instruction must be interactive, rigorous and relevant.

The school and community must work together to advance our school district

Warrensburg R-VI School District

CSIP Goals

  • Goal I: Student Performance

    Develop and enhance quality educational/instructional programs to improve student performance and enable students to meet their personal, academic and career goals.

    Goal II:  Highly Qualified Staff

    Recruit, attract, develop, and retain highly qualified staff to carry out the LEA/District mission, goals, and objectives

    Goal III:  Facilities, Support and Instructional Resources

    Provide and maintain appropriate instructional resources, support services, and functional and safe facilities.

    Goal IV:  Parent & Community Involvement

    Promote, facilitate, and enhance parent, student, and community involvement in LEA/District educational programs.

    Goal V:  Governance

    Govern the LEA/District in an efficient and effective manner providing leadership and representation to benefit the students, staff and patrons of the district.