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Attendance change beginning 2013-14—Excessive absences will be defined as five or more absences in any one class or full school days within one semester.  Students exceeding the number of days may possibly not be able to make up classwork and potentially lose credit for the class(es) impacted.  Additional information may be found in the WHS Student Handbook under the Attendance Policy section.

Decision Day

Warrensburg High School Mission, Vision, & Goals

Mission Statement

"The Warrensburg High School Learning Community pledges to provide a comprehensive system of support to ensure students, regardless of previous academic performance, meet or exceed district and state standards."

Vision Statement

  • We envision a warm and welcoming school, boldly decorated and vivid with color, that provides a physically and emotionally safe environment conducive to learning and open to participation, where students are valued and celebrated each day.
  • We envision a school that is the center of the community, where students and parents take pride and ownership in the school while embracing the educational development of all students.
  • We envision a school that fosters a positive partnership between staff and students through open communication, resulting in eager participation, devotion to learning, and inpidual accountability for actions.
  • We envision a challenging curriculum whereby students have access to a wide spectrum of academic and extra-curricular experiences that empowers them to be successful, contributing citizens.
  • We envision a staff who truly puts students first, accepts them for the young adults they are, and focuses on helping them develop independence, inpiduality, and self-worth.


  • We will promote and support a wide spectrum of extra-curricular experiences that encourages excellence.
  • We will celebrate student accomplishments.
  • We will treat all members of the school community with respect.
  • We will engage students with a challenging curriculum.
  • We will demonstrate our high expectations that all students will be engaged and accountable.
  • We will utilize community resources to expand learning.
  • We will provide a safe, colorful, welcoming environment that reflects input from students, staff and community.

Building Goals

1. We will improve the academic performance of each student through data-driven instruction as evidenced by SMART goals, which are systematically developed and continuously monitored to analyze each student's academic growth.

  • Students will be proficient with essential learning outcomes (ELOs).
  • Students who are already proficient with the ELOs will be provided with higher-level challenges.
  • The number of F's will remain below 4% at the end of each semester.
  • The Pyramid of Interventions will be implemented for all students.
  • Teachers will collaborate to implement effective, research-based practices with special emphasis on:
    • Balanced assessments
    • Rigor and relevance
    • Literacy
    • Technology integration
    • Common Core State Standards

2.  85% of the WHS student body will report that they feel at least one faculty member has a sincere interest in their success in and out of school based on annual student surveys.

  •  We will create a culture of success by implementing a freshman transition program.
    • Counselors meet with middle school students in January to discuss course descriptions, Freshman registration days, and visit Freshmen Academy on Mondays.
    • Freshman Transition Day and open house with picnic for freshmen and their parents to meet teachers in August, Freshman Focused Academy, and Freshman teaming.
  • We will work to reduce negative behavior to provide a safer environment.
  • We will increase advocacy for our students.
    • Celebrate successes
    • Encourage and inform all students of extra-curricular opportunities
    • Support and encourage opportunities for students to present/display talents to their peers
    • Support and encourage students' efforts to aesthetically improve the building
    • We will increase faculty participation by attending at least four various after-school events per year

3. WHS will rank in the top half of our academic (AYP, ACT, Graduation rate) and competitive (debate, vocal, instrumental, art, etc.) comparability groups annually.

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