Sophomore guide

WHS Counselors will begin seeing sophomores individually a few months after the PreACT test  to discuss your PreACT results, your digital ICAP (that is an assignment to complete in Canvas) and the handout below.

sophomore handout.pdf


See your counselor  (see below)

Warrensburg Area Career Center (WACC) Applications  (see below)

Build Your Portfolio  (see below)

If you need to see your counselor, sign up at Mrs. Luff's (the Counselor's Secretary) desk in the Counseling Office.

Xello Career Planning is always something that is available to you.  To access this, log in to  your Clever account and look for the Xello app. After you have completed the PreACT, your counselor will visit with you individually to discuss your plans and preparation for life after high school.

WACC Applications are due in early March. There is no tuition/textbook fee for WHS students. For those interested in attending the Warrensburg Area Career Center for any one of the following careers, you will have to complete and submit an application to your counselor in March of your sophomore year. To increase your potential for acceptance into the program of your choice, keep your grades up, keep your attendance up, avoid tardy's, avoid discipline referrals, avoid truancies, and let your counselor know your career interests early on so (s)he can better support your application into a particular program. The five WACC programs available to high school students are:

  • Computer Technologies (1 or 2 year program)
  • Auto Service Technology I & II
  • Auto Collision Technology I & II
  • Construction Technology I & II 
  • Health Sciences I & II  
  • Descriptions of these programs can be found in our  Course Description Guide

Have you started your Portfolio?  ... keeping track of all your

  • Accomplishments
  • Awards
  • Achievements
  • Volunteer work
  • Paid employment
  • Extra-curricular activities

These are items to put into your file ... your High School Portfolio or resumé so that you will look good on paper when you are close to graduating and you begin to look for scholarships, jobs, schools.

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