Senior guide

To see a counselor, there's a sign-up sheet for all 3 counselors on Mrs. King's desk in the Counselor's Office. You are welcome to sign-up between classes or before/after school.
In September, counselors visit English/Language Arts classes to go over Post High School Preparation information. Below is a link to the document that students receive as well as the PowerPoint presentation, and the handouts given:
senior handout 1920.pdf
post high school pres 19-20.pptx
senior packet.pdf​ (includes a month by month checklist and a Missouri Connections research packet)
FAFSA Frenzy Dates2019.pdf
campus visit checklist.pdf
act test dates 19-20.pdf

  • Develop a resumé if you have not already done so, update it if it's started. Your account on Missouri Connections is a great place to start. See your Counselor for login information if you don't have or don't remember it.
  • Take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) if you are interested in joining a branch of the U.S. Military. If enlisting in the military, contact a recruiter in the fall.
  • Take the ACT 1-2 times this year if you even think you'll attend college. Click here for tests dates. Be sure to use the WHS organization/school code: 263-510 or we will not get your scores. Register on-line at if you have not done so already. You can get a packet in the Counseling office to assist with ACT registration and ACT preparation.
  • Apply to colleges of your interest beginning in September.  Watch for (on the 'admissions' page of desired colleges) college priority admission/scholarship deadlines. Submitting your college applications no later than Nov. 1st is recommended.
  • If you plan to participate in collegiate athletics, register with one or both of the academic eligibility centers:  NCAA  or NAIA.
  • Apply for scholarships throughout the year. Scholarships are listed in the 'Scholarship Bulletin', on the websites of every college and in the Counseling Office file cabinet which is there for YOUR information.
  • Oct 1 - April 1: Submit your on-line FAFSA for the upcoming college/school year. You and your parent will need information from your federal tax forms.
  • Apply for a FAFSA PIN for yourself and for your parent. Keep this information in a secure location.
  • Be prepared for your Senior Interviews (senior checklist.pdf) that start early in the fall. Your counselor will call you in ... individually... to
    discuss your plans after HS,
    finalize needs for your WHS diploma,
    answer questions,
    get you started looking for scholarships, etc.
  • If you have questions about finishing high school or about life after high school ... definitely see your counselor - there is a sign-up sheet on Mrs. King's desk in the Counselor's Office to let your counselor know to call you in - or you can email or leave a phone message.
    Also be thinking about:
  • lots of career exploration!! ..if you don't already have a distinct plan. Get your login info from your counselor for: where you can explore careers related to your interest area, find training for your career, develop resumes, etc.
  • choosing where you are going for post-high school training, then get your applications turned in.
  • look for financial aid and scholarships... see 'scholarship links' on the left and come to the WHS Financial Aid Night in January. 

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