Junior guide

To see a counselor, there's a sign-up sheet for all 3 counselors on Mrs. Luff's desk in the Counselor's Office. You are welcome to sign-up between classes or before/after school.

In September, counselors visit ELA classes to go over Post High School Preparation information. Below is a link to the document that students receive as well as the PowerPoint presentation: (see resources in the Post High School section of the WHS Counseling Office website):

  • Enroll in dual credit or AP classes if you would like to earn college credit at a reduced tuition cost or to earn college credit.
  • Visit the College Fair in October - usually over 60 representatives are at UCM from universities, colleges, junior colleges, tech schools, and the military. Invite your parents. Don't miss it.!!
  • If you plan to participate in collegiate athletics, register with one or both of the academic eligibility centers:  NCAA  or NAIA.
  • Take the Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) if you want to explore your skills and career aptitudes, or if you are considering enlistment in a branch of the U.S. military.
  • We'll be exploring your interests on Xedllo  this fall.
  • Take the ACT test this year if you even THINK you MIGHT go to college sometime in your life. Definitely take it 2-4 times if you plan to attend college. That means 1-2 times this year and then 1-2 times your senior year. Click here for dates. If you qualify under federal guidelines for free or reduced lunch, you are eligible for a waiver of the ACT registration fee. Please see your counselor for a fee waiver form.
  • Also, be thinking about what kind of training you want after high school: Tech school, trade school, junior college, university, military. Don't forget the A+ program WANTS to pay your tuition at a Junior College or Technical College/School. See Mr. Bax or your counselor for more information.
  • College Visits: It is recommended that you and your parents make your college visits before you return to school in August of your senior year. Request a visit with professors or coaches in your areas of interest while on campus. If you need to use school time for college visits, make sure to get the absences pre-arranged through the attendance secretary.
  • In March plan on asking your parents to join you in attending the College Information Night here at WHS to hear a panel of representatives from different types of colleges discuss differences and answer questions from you and your parents.
  • Timeline:  Develop your own personal calendar for the twelve months leading up to your graduation from WHS.  On your calendar, schedule when you plan to do the following:
    1) college visits (name the colleges you will schedule a visit with) 
    2) ACT test registration due dates
    3) ACT test date  
    4) List the different scholarships you plan to apply for with their due dates 
    5) Date when you will submit college applications (and request your official transcript be sent by Mrs. King in the Counselor's Office.)
    6) FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) due date or when you plan to submit it - be ready to find the application on line in mid-to-late January of your senior year and submit by mid-March..

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