Dual Credit

Summer/Fall 202 Innovation Track calendar/deadline info:

March 20 – ITRK enrollment begins

April 18 – Summer ITRK forms due

May 22 – Fall ITRK forms due

20-21 DC Enrollment form Fillable_.pdf 

Contact Haley Farnsworth for enrollment info




Want to take a UCM college class this Summer or Fall/Spring through WeMet?
Here is the Course Catalog:WeMET Course Schedule 2020-21.docx
Summer deadline - April 18
Fall deadline - May 22

UCM Dual Credit forms

If you are going to take a class for dual credit at WHS through UCM this semester your form is due to Mrs. Nimmo on January 15th.

Please put all WHS classes on one form.

WHS Foundation dual credit scholarship is now available on the Warrensburg School District homepage. Deadline to submit it is Friday January 17th at 3:30 pm.
The UCM WeMet Spring scholarship is also available in the Counseling Office. Deadline to mail to UCM is February 7th.

Wanting to take an Innovation Track course at UCM next year (Fall 2019)? You need to contact Haley Farnsworth at UCM at 543-8351 or by email at hfarnsworth@ucmo.edu to set up an appointment. 


ITRK Enrollment Calendar 2019-2020.pdf

Want to take a college class through UCM this Fall through our WeMet consortium? Check out their catalog of classes. See your counselor ASAP if you have further questions:
wemet catalog sum 19 fall 19 spring 20.pdf

UCM Dual Credit website

WHS Foundation dual credit scholarship is now available on the Warrensburg School District homepage. Deadline to submit it is Friday September 6th at 3:30 pm.


The dual credit office at UCM funds a scholarship through our WeMet consortium. Please find below the application. It is due on September 20th.
wemet fall sclp 2019.pdf

Am I eligible to take dual credit classes?

Click the link below:


Important Links


UCM dual credit placement guidelines.pdf

WHS 19-20 dual credit spreadsheet.xlsx

2019 step by step UCM instructions.pdf (the first step in the enrollment process)

Steps to apply and enroll in high school dual credit courses

Watch these video tutotials to learn how to apply as a dual credit student and how to enroll or follow the steps below.

You must apply for admission to UCM (even if you plan to attend a different institution) in order to receive the credits. This application is specific to this credit so it won't affect any other admission plans you may have. 

  1. On the Admissions page, select "Other Applicant Types" to begin your application. Then, scroll down to "Early College Programs" and click "Apply".
  2. Select "Create an account" and register by following the prompts.  
    • Attention: If you already have an application record at UCM, you don't have to re-apply. Please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to complete your registration.
  3. Click on "start new application" and choose "Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking".
  4. Complete the following the next steps of the application Enter your personal information on Step 1 of the application.
  5. On Step 2 select the semester you are applying for high school dual credit (usually it's the semester you're in now).
  6. Next select the option that best describes your current situation.
  7. Complete the rest of the application, then submit your application. 
  8. Your application fee will be waived. Fees will adjust within 48 hours. 
  9. Print this enrollment form and turn it in to your dual credit teacher, or guidance counselor, by their deadline.

General Education Program Requirements

 WHS dual credit courses:
19-20 dual credit spreadsheet.xlsx

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Please see the UCM Planned Placement Policy for more detailed course placement criteria.

Dual credit students are expected to be proficient in the English language. Dual credit classes contain university-level material and a certain level of English proficiency is necessary. Students should discuss this with their counselor to ensure that their language skills are such that dual credit classes are a good choice.