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Visiting a college? Use this Planning Guide and College Check List to prepare for making the most out of each visit you make to a college/university: 

Online College Database

The Online College Database provides future post-secondary students with the information they need, at no cost, to make informed decisions about where to attend college. The database team has created a guide to all 127 colleges in Missouri to include both two and four year schools. Factors such as enrollment size, tuition, gender ratio, student to faculty ratio, campus setting, acceptance rate and ROTC availability is included for each college. Access the Online College Database at:

  What and Where. What job do you want? Where do you want to do it? Plug that in and this site will find jobs for you anywhere in the country. Simple and easy to use!

Missouri Economy
  Job seekers in Missouri, workforce and economic developers, students, businesses, media and more. They all come here. Find a job in your area of Missouri here.

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